Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Collaboration: LOTR Skits Lighting

Lighting for my second skit: I had a point light to the left giving off the sunset and creating shadows and to the right was another point light which I made weak so it would give off enough light to make the darker side of the skit visible. The directional light was to give an overall weak-ish light. - Paris.

2 Point Lights and 1 Directional Light

For the first skit I only needed a directional light.
1 Directional Light

Collaboration: Final Lord of the Rings Skits

Recently been struggling a bit with my skits, however they are now complete but it took a while. Instead of having a walk cycle it was agreed that a shuffle would be better, but the shuffle done in the animatic video didn't express the character's exhaustion so I filmed a new one below, (I used Rhia as a Frodo reference and Laura as Gimli reference and myself (partly) as Gandalf).

Close ups of facial expressions which can't be seen that well in skits.

But then I saw these two animations and I liked how they did movement, however theirs is more lively so I tried combining their style of movement with my reference video and got my skit - so the glide stays and I like it.

Camera wise I took inspiration from Bill Plympton's 25 Ways To Quit Smoking, I liked the one camera shot that showed everything and everything that happened in the skit performed for the camera rather than the camera trying to capture everything with various shots.